Student Transformation Plan

By Abhinav Mahajan

STP or Student Transformation Plan is a Fitness Transformation Plan which was created to share basic knowledge about fitness through a youtube video series. This series is going to offer workout plans, nutrition plans and supplement guide.

All the STP workout and nutrition PDFs have been provided in the Plan Downloads section.

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STP can be followed by everyone aged 16 years and above. STP was created to provide strong roots to anyone who is entering into fitness.

Fitness is a long journey, it only ends when life ends. STP will provide you strong roots with basic knowledge about fitness by adding WORKOUT PLANS, SUPPLEMENT GUIDE and NUTRITION PDFs to your daily life.

Our workout plans, supplement guide and nutrition care will keep you right on track. We have designed a calculator which will calculate required calories, carbs, proteins and fats which will help you track your diet everyday. This will help you to Build Muscle and Lose Fat.

You can download your own fitness report by using our calculator. This report will give you more knowledge about fitness and nutrition.


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