8 Weeks Student Transformation

Student Transformation Plan or STP is a Youtube Fitness Transformation Series created by Abhinav Mahajan to help people reach their fitness goals in the simplest manner possible. This video series consists of easy to follow workout plans and easy to manage nutrition plan. In addition to this we have also have a supplement guide. All the STP workout and nutrition PDFs have been provided in the Plan Downloads section.

STP has been created according to a Student lifestyle but anyone who falls under the below given categories can follow this plan :

  1. If you have just started gymming and looking for a simple plan that can give you fast results.
  2. If you have a busy lifestyle and looking for a fitness plan which does not involve too much cooking i.e. easy and convenient nutrition plan
  3. If you have never tried Full Body Workouts no matter of you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, you can definitely follow STP
  4. If you are still confused as to which supplements do you need or you want to use least amount of supplements and still reach your fitness goals fast, then you can follow STP

Another important thing. Both Men and Women can follow this plan and get results.

Student transformation plan can be followed for Muscle Building or Fat Loss. The same workout plan can be followed for gaining muscle or losing fat. The only change you will have to make is your diet and cardio . In case you are looking for Muscle Gain or weight gain, you will remain in calorie surplus (eat more calories than your body needs) and avoid cardio . If you are looking too achieve fat loss with this plan you need to eat in calorie deficit (eat less calories than your body needs) and do some extra cardio during the week to help burn extra calories. All the instructions have been clearly given in the workout and nutrition PDFs (Download PDFs now)

In case you do not know how to calculate calories and macros, you can use our customized STP Calculator to calculate the required calories, carbs , proteins and fats required in your diet. By using STP calculatorĀ  will also get a free 10 page Fitness Report with useful tips to understand fitness nutrition in a better way.

Luckily while creating STP Abhinav has made sure that there are no age restrictions on following STP. You can be a teenager looking to start their fitness journey, you can be a college student looking to build muscle or lose fat, you can be a job going person who wants a simple workout plan and convenient nutrition plan or you can be someone who is in their 30s 40s or even 50s who want to transform but do not have a clear knowledge as to what or what they should not follow. So there is no age limit to follow STP. In simple terms, if you want to transform STP is the easiest step by step guide to help you achieve the physique and fitness levels you want without any complications.